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When you have a Will, you are choosing not only to have things settled the way that you want them; but also to save your loved ones from at best, a guessing game and at worst, a lot of stress, heartache and cost at a time that they need it least.

If you don’t have a Will – or your Will is no longer valid – the Government have a set of rules (Intestacy) that decide who gets how much of your wealth – and you can almost guarantee that some will go where you least wanted.

What if you don’t have a Will?

Not married? – Your partner may get nothing. Cohabiting couples have no legal obligation to support each other financially, either while living together or if they separate. Nor do you automatically share ownership of your possessions, savings, investments and so on. An unexpected death could cause huge issues for you.

Not married but have children with your partner? Your partner dies and his/her children may inherit, not you. And if your children are younger than 18, who will take care of them? Be their legal guardians?

Married with children but no Will? If either of you passes, the other will take care of the kids. But what if something happens to you both? Without a Will you don’t get to choose the best outcome for your children.

When should you review or renew your will?

Change – it happens all the time. People marry; they divorce; they move in or move on. Children are born, loved ones pass away – and change should prompt change. Here are just some of the events that would ordinarily require a change to your will:

  • you marry (including civil partnership) or divorce
  • you cohabit – move in together
  • the birth, death or adoption of children
  • the marriage, divorce or separation of a beneficiary
  • to add or change guardians for children
  • your financial position changes so that your old will is no longer viable
  • tax law changes so as to change the effect of your old will
  • you want to add or change beneficiaries or gifts or arrangements
  • one of your proposed executors dies or you want to change him/her anyway
  • moving abroad

Why choose Complete Wills UK?

Right from the start, we chose to go to our clients, rather than make them come to us. Being in your own home really helps; feeling safe, comfortable, relaxed when you are making important decisions.

Many Solicitors offices are still closed – worried people who want to make their Will or Powers of Attorney (LPA) don’t easily see the alternative.
Complete Wills are regulated and licensed by the Society of Will Writers, ensuring that we have the highest professional standards and are safe to do business with.

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