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Lifetime Trusts

Having a Trust is like having a legally created SAFE. You have the key, and in your lifetime, you can add and remove things from the safe as suits your needs. You can put in your home, other property, savings, investments, life insurances and other assets you may have.
When you die, the key to the safe passes to whoever you have named as the trustees and beneficiaries: your wife; family; loved ones. They can use the contents of the safe, as instructed to the Trust by you when you were alive, in the best interests of themselves and their families. There are many benefits: It stays away from probate, saving time and legal fees; it can save future generations from Inheritance Tax; it can ensure that your wealth stays in your family.

Property Protection Trust – PPT

In England if you have assets more than £23,250 and in Wales over £50,000, you will not get state help with care costs should you become unwell or unable to care for yourself. Average care home fees are around £750 – £1000 per week. These sums of money don’t take long to erode your capital and home value, unless you act to protect them.

40,000 homes every year are sold to pay for these fees.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to arrange to protect and pass on your hard-earned assets. It costs very little to do and can generate great peace of mind and cost savings.

Property Protection Trust (PPT) automatically protects 50% of your property when the first of you passes away. This share transfers (through your Will) to the chosen beneficiary trust (ie. your family). The surviving spouse remains in the property safe and secure for the rest of their life.

Get peace of mind in your own life from knowing you have made clear instruction on how you want your estate to be managed and protected.

Setting up a trust can be simple and inexpensive. From as little as £175.00 – and never as much as it would cost for just one month of care fees.

There are Trusts that will help protect vulnerable members of your family or those with disabilities. Help prevent an inheritance adversely impacting their benefits package. Help prevent your family wealth from disappearing because of a poor marriage.

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