Funeral Plans North Wales

Why have a pre-paid funeral plan?

They can be a very thoughtful and caring way to take your leave of those you love.

PREPARE: Your loved ones may not have discussed with you or between themselves, what is to happen. It can be an uncomfortable, even
difficult subject. A pre-paid funeral plan lays everything out for them in the way you wanted it to be.

PEACE: If the funeral is pre-paid, all of the ‘difficult’ decisions are taken out of the hands of your loved ones – they are already done – leaving them to
do the more personal things; flowers, hymns, songs, readings.

PAID: If you don’t have a pre-paid funeral plan, who is going to pay? Your family are likely to have to foot the bill until Probate is done. This may be embarrassing for some?

COST: If you have a pre-paid funeral plan you hold the cost down to this year’s level. They have doubled in 10 years and are going up all of the time.

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