Frequently Asked Questions

We have furnished a list of frequently asked questions but please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more about a specific matter. We are here to help!

It costs quite a lot – around £2000 plus an annual renewal currently £320 – but the more important costs are TIME – it takes around 6-9 months to get and INTRUSION – if you are applying for the order you need to jump through an awful lot of very personal ‘hoops’ to prove you are worthy. An LPA will cost less than £250 to take away the potential of all that misery. Why not Get in Touch

If you succumb to Parkinson’s, Dementia or a stroke, making decisions for yourself becomes almost impossible. Sadly, every 90 seconds someone is admitted to a UK hospital with a brain injury. When you lose capacity, many decisions are taken away from you, unless you have an LPA. Joint bank accounts are frozen or restricted. You need to have an LPA in place so that if it happens to you, you have someone you know/love/trust fighting your corner. Get in Touch

If you do not have a Will in place – You have no control, and Intestacy rules will be applied. Which means the law decides what is in your best interests; not you. You may not have any rights to your partner’s wealth or the house you share. It could go directly to your children. Then part of the wealth may go to other relatives of his (potentially). It becomes very complicated – where, with a Will, you have made the decisions.

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Time flies and things change too. Marriages start and end; friendships change; children are born; you may have moved home; changed your name; your finances change – you are more or less wealthy than you were; Executor or beneficiary relationships change. Many of these possible changes will make your existing Will difficult or even impossible to process. It costs nothing to review; and if there are no changes, no new Will is made and you rest, assured that all is well. Why not Get in Touch

We are Licensed and Regulated by the Society of Will Writers. Which means that every Will we write is registered with the National Will Register. We can search that register for you to find out if your loved one has ever had a Will registered or recorded. And if they haven’t, we can advise you about what to do next. Why not Get in Touch

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