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Safe document storage

Having made your Will, it is very important to consider where to keep it safely.

Of course, you can keep it at home, but this may not be the best solution. It may get accidentally thrown away or damaged.

Accidents happen and risks such as fire, flood, theft, burglary and tampering are all potentials.

NEVER store it in a bank safety box, as this cannot be opened until after your executor gets probate. Probate cannot be granted without your will.

Did you know the most common reason for a Will that is written not passing into probate, is that either it cannot be found or it has been defaced or altered.

Complete Wills Uk can help you with storage of this most important document.

We can arrange for insured and fireproof storage for your Will. Your Will is kept in a secure location and we provide a certificate for you as proof of storage. This allows easy access for your executors and peace of mind for you.

We can also register your will with the National Will Archive for you, which means your executors would know it has been written and where to find it, giving you further assurance, your will is secure and accessible by those who need it.

We will also make sure you have regular Will reviews and updates, and of course you can always contact us should you feel a need to make any changes or find your circumstances change.

Case Study 1 – Mrs Jones

Mrs Jones passed away after a sudden illness and her original Will could not be found when her family searched for it.

She had been separated from her husband for many years but never got around to finalising her divorce. The family knew she had made a Will, and she had given a copy of the signed Will to one of her daughters for safekeeping. This confirmed that she wanted her children to inherit her estate, not her husband.

The family were unaware of the presumption in law that states that if an original signed Will cannot be found amongst the deceased’s papers on death, they must be presumed to have destroyed it, and it will be assumed that they did not want the Will to take effect. As the original signed Will could not be located within Mrs Jones’ papers or anywhere else on her death, the presumption applied and she was treated as having died intestate. Her Will did not take effect, and her children did not inherit her entire estate as intended.

This was frustrating and upsetting for her children and caused them extra difficulty in their relationship with their father, who would not agree to vary the assets to them that passed to him under intestacy. If the original signed Will had been stored and could have been located on her death, Mrs Jones’ wishes would have taken effect.

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