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Having a lasting power of attorney in place means that important decisions can be made when necessary to ensure lengthy delays and legal processes are avoided.

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What is Dementia?

Dementia describes a range of symptoms that include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem solving and language skills. These can all interfere with your daily living tasks. Mood and personality changes can also be part of the symptoms and effects. Everyone is different and because of this, they experience dementia in different ways.

There are many different types of dementia too.

It is estimated that today, around 850,000 people aged over 65 are living with dementia in the UK.

That’s 1 in 14 people over 65; and there are more and more of us.
In addition, there are over 42,000 further cases known in the under 65’s.

Anyone who is worried about their memory should talk to their GP. There are some simple tests which can diagnose it. Taking a simple medical history; a memory test and blood tests to exclude other possibilities; then perhaps a brain scan if needed.

Getting a diagnosis can be very helpful and offer support to help maintain the capacity you have. And stimulate your mind to stay as active and responsive as possible.

We specialise in Lasting Powers of Attorney and can help you navigate you through this very difficult time.